Welcome to Hyde Street Practice: 57 Hyde Street, Adelaide

Policy & Communication

Our Policies

Patients are encouraged to ensure that all contact details are correct. This helps us contact you in regards to
results or changes of appointment etc.

After Hours

Patients can call 13 SICK to access out of hours care.For emergencies ring 000 or attend the closest hospital.

Results of tests

Each general practitioner will advise you how to obtain your test results. Usually, you will be advised to
make a follow-up appointment, and it is recommended that this is with the same doctor that referred you
for the tests. Our recall system is a follow up process whereby patients are contacted to return to our
practice to receive the results of tests. The doctors notify the reception staff of patients they wish to recall
and see in the following week. Our practice attempts to contact these patients via phone and mail. Patients
are encouraged to make appointments to follow up with test results.

Accessible Facilities

Our practice provides wheelchair access and staff will assist any patients when necessary.


Interpreter Services

Patients who do not speak English, have the option of choosing to have professional interpreter services
used or for a family member to be present to act as the translator.


Telephone calls from patients will not generally be put through to doctors. Our reception staff are happy to
take messages or assist you with any general questions regarding your healthcare. If you have a medical
question after seeing one of our doctors, you can speak with the nurse and they will discuss your concerns
with the doctor. Normally our nurses will return your call later the same day. If you have an urgent medical
problem then our nurses will organise an urgent appointment with one of our doctors. Emails and
Facsimiles are reviewed on a daily basis.

Should you have any feedback regarding your care, we have a suggestion box in the waiting room and you
can leave feedback via our website. Alternatively you may speak with our senior practice administrator,
Gillian Petracaro. If you have any concerns about the care from your doctor, please immediately discuss
this with your doctor so that your concerns can be managed. Should you have ongoing concerns, then we
are happy to offer you a second opinion from another doctor at the practice. We are always trying to
improve our service and are happy to address any complaints from our clients

Smoking Policy

Our practice has a no smoking policy

Chronic Disease Prevention

We are committed to helping our patients prevent the development
of chronic disease. We encourage you to take advantage of the
practice nurse and the time you spend with the doctor to have your
modifiable lifestyle factors assessed. For our patients over 75 we
recommend a yearly health assessment which is a comprehensive
review of a wide range of health issues. Patients aged 45–49 are also
eligible and encouraged to have a detailed health check to help
identify chronic diseases for which you may be at risk.


The doctors can perform many minor procedures if required
(e.g. removal of skin lesions, treatment of simple fractures).
Cryotherapy (for warts etc), nebuliser, Pap smears and resuscitation
equipment is available. A longer appointment may be required for
some procedures so please inform the receptionist.


The doctors can perform many tests on site (e.g. ECG, hearing
tests, lung function tests, blood collection). X-rays, CT scans,
ultrasound, mammograms etc. can be arranged elsewhere when

Patient Recall for preventative care/ abnormal results/referrals

We have an active Reminder/Recall System in which we contact
the patient by either phone or mail for follow up of a preventable
activity such as cholesterol check, blood pressure, abnormal
results that require monitoring and referrals to outside specialists.
Please discuss with your doctor if you wish to opt out of any
aspect of the recall system.

Hearing or Language Issues

To help our doctors ensure they fully understand the nature of the
patient’s problem and patients fully understand the outcome we
use an interpreter service where necessary.

Transfer of Medical Records

If you require a copy of your records to be sent elsewhere please ring the practice or speak to reception for a transfer of records form and we can arrange for them to be sent.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Our practice has a zero tolerance for unacceptable behaviour. We will not tolerate any behaviour that is
violent, threating, abusive or aggressive. Any patient displaying such behaviour will be asked to leave the
premises immediately and if necessary the police will be called.
In the event of a repeat offender the patient will no longer be seen at our clinic.


In our practice we have electronic records. Patient histories are recorded on computer and are
accessible at all SHine SA clinics. These records are backed up daily to prevent any loss. All incoming histories,
documents and letters are scanned into the computers and saved in the appropriate patients history.

Patient Feedback & Complaints

We value your opinion on the facilities and services our practice offers.

Patients can express complaints in writing to the practice manager and a copy will be kept for our records.

For more information about how and where to make a complaint about a health care provider, visit the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (HCSCC) South Australia page here.